Welcome to Thor’s Media

Wel­come to this cor­ner of cyber­world. Here I’ll be post­ing var­i­ous kinds of voice media, and per­haps a bit of video stuff.

For the world of print see http://thormay.net/ , oth­er­wise known as The Pas­sion­ate Skep­tic site, which has hun­dreds of my arti­cles, sto­ries, poems etc. There’s quite a bit of pho­tog­ra­phy there too.

The audio will prob­a­bly fall into three main categories :

- Lan­guage mate­ri­als for learn­ers of Eng­lish (I teach in a South Kore­an university)

- Com­men­taries — Poet­ry read­ings : my own poems and oth­er poet’s cre­ations. Of oth­er poets, expect some stuff in the bal­lad tra­di­tion which is not only fun to recite but is great for Eng­lish learn­ers try­ing to pick up the rhythms of the language.

Enjoy — Thor

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